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Worshiping in the building

Latest update December 27, 2021

Please read this letter from Pastor Jeremy:


The decline in the pandemic has brought us back to the building. Now instead of trying to explain why we are being careful and staying out of the building, we’re trying to encourage folks to come back and experience the joy of worshiping together. The message is starting to get out, and we’re slowly increasing our attendance week by week again. We want to personally encourage you to experience again the joy of gathering together.

Of course, we’re still offering online worship, available here and on Facebook. We’re allowing it to start looking a little less like worship in the sanctuary, since its audience is likely to be people who don’t have a strong connection to our building. If that’s you, thanks for joining in! And for the rest of you, may it be a reminder that you miss being at the church with other folks when you have to be away fishing!

God bless you all. Keep safe!