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Community UMC Inclusivity Statement

As members of the United Methodist Church, we recognize that there is a great amount of denominational uncertainty that may take years to resolve. However, at Community UMC, we are certain about who we are, and we want to help lead the United Methodist Church into the expression of itself that it is becoming. We have wandered long enough in the wilderness of uncertainty and are eager to be resurrected with a renewed certainty in our identity and mission.

We are certain that we take seriously our name and we strive to be in service to all the members of our community inside and outside the Church. In order to live into who we know ourselves to be, and to help lead the denomination into what it is becoming, we are determined to be a place of diverse identities and opinions.

We are certain that we can be unified in the fundamentals of Christian doctrine while also holding differing opinions on a number of theological issues – including our views on human sexuality. Our different experiences in life allow us to all bring unique and valuable understandings to scripture; and it is in the meeting of our identities and our beliefs that we draw closer to one another and to God.

As we grow into this vision of who Christ is calling us to be, we are committed to creating the space for all the members of our community to carry out the particular ministries to which they are called by the Holy Spirit.

We affirm that all people are of sacred worth, created in the image of God.

We further affirm that God desires to be in relationship with all people – empowering everyone to work for the good of the Kingdom of Heaven by the Holy Spirit regardless of their race, color, national origin, status, economic condition, sexual identity, or gender orientation.

In affirmation of these commitments to the future of the United Methodist Church, to one another as siblings in Christ, and to our broader community we are resolved to undertake the following actions:

  1. We will trust and empower our minister to follow their conscience in presiding at any legal marriage.
  2. We will elevate people into positions of leadership and entrust them with the responsibilities thereof based solely on the gifts and graces that God has given them for such work.
  3. If we are blessed to have someone from our congregation who experiences a call to ordained ministry we will recommend them for that set-apart ministry based solely on the gifts and graces that God has given them; trusting that God calls whom God chooses to lead the Church.