Discover the joy of belonging. Make a difference in the community, enjoy being together with friends, and feel an open-hearted welcome in God’s love!

If you’ve been running from a judgmental, narrow-minded Christianity, meet Jesus again here at Community. With God, there’s always a next step! What’s yours?

We value…
Worship Excellent worship and a focus on the Bible
  • Every worship time is an opportunity to experience God’s presence.
  • Every message increases understanding of the Bible.
  • Worship and teaching is relevant to daily life.
  • We are United Methodist.
Kids Providing a safe community for young people learning to follow Jesus
  • Church should be a safe place of joy and love.
  • Every child has a chance to learn at their own level.
  • Childhood faith is the foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.
Disciples Helping those who have discovered Jesus and have chosen to be his followers.
  • Acceptance: Wherever you are on your path, that’s OK.
  • Growth: Wherever you are, there’s a next step forward.
  • Community: Whenever you’re ready to take your next step in faith, we’re alongside you
Doubters Drawing in, seeking out , inviting and including those who are not followers of Jesus.
  • We actively introduce people to Jesus.
  • We provide a safe welcome place for people with doubts and questions.
Service Being engaged in life-changing service in our homes, in greater Muskegon, and in our world.
  • Jesus is especially interested in people who have been left out.
  • We plan to live out God’s love visibly in the whole community.

We’re a multi-generational church, located in North Muskegon, trying to show God’s love for everyone we encounter, trying to live into the responsibility of Christians to be God’s loving, transforming presence in the world.