Who we are

Discover the joy of belonging. Make a difference in the community, enjoy being together with friends, and feel an open-hearted welcome in God’s love!

If you’ve been running from a negative Christianity or a hurtful church experience, meet Jesus again here at Community. With God, there’s always a next step! What’s yours?

With God, there’s always a next step.

We value…


Excellent community worship and a focus on the Bible
  • Every worship time is an opportunity to experience God’s open-hearted presence.
  • Every message increases personal understanding of the Bible.
  • Worship and teaching is relevant to daily life.
  • We are Methodist in tradition, affirming social justice, the value of all people, and God’s grace.


Being an engaging community for children learning to follow Jesus
  • Church is a safe and open-hearted place of joy and love.
  • Every child has a chance to learn at their own level.
  • Christian faith provides the foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.


Supporting those who have discovered Jesus and have chosen to be his followers.
  • Generous inclusion: We include and accept one another though we are all different.
  • Growth: Wherever you are, there’s a next step forward toward greater generosity, leadership, and faithfulness.
  • Community: Whenever you’re ready to take your next step in faith, we’re alongside you.


Questions and those who have them. We respect and invite those who continue to seek truth.
  • We actively introduce people to Jesus.
  • We provide a safe and generous welcome for people with doubts and questions.


Being engaged in open-hearted, life-changing service in our homes, in greater Muskegon, and in our world.
  • Jesus is especially interested in people who have been left out.
  • We plan to live out God’s love visibly and generously in the whole community.


Values statement updated 4/17/2019

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Connecting the whole community with Jesus.