Pastor Jeremy

A welcome from Pastor Jeremy Williams 

Welcome! I’ve been pastor at Community Church since 2017. I’m really excited to be surrounded by other people in this church who really want to welcome you, to include you, and to support you. I hope that you’ll find a home and community right here.

On Sunday, I always want you to walk away with something you didn’t know before you came. But much more important, I want to help you find a step forward as a human being, dealing with all the stresses and uncertainties around you. I know a bit about stress, because I’m the caregiver for my wife Tamara, who has a terminal neurological disease. I believe that connecting to God is at the heart of a life that makes sense.

Every message I give talks about the Bible as honestly as I can. I respect the doubts and difficulties that come from living with such an ancient and complicated book. At Community, we expect people who don’t know about the Christian faith, who have differing and serious opinions, and who want to engage in honest conversation. I am personally committed to helping you feel welcome, embracing you as who you are, of whatever tradition or background, whatever education or income level, and whatever gender or sexual identity is yours. I’m also here as a pastor, to listen when you talk about what’s going on in your life. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Tamara and I met as students at the University of Iowa, both volunteering with church youth groups. We married in 1984 and then had a son in 1985, while Tamara was in seminary in Washington DC. Later I received my M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. We moved to Michigan in 1993 so I could do a PhD in the history of Christianity at Notre Dame. That’s when God got hold of me and persuaded me that I was supposed to be a pastor, not an academic. I finished the degree while serving the Arden and Berrien Springs United Methodist churches, and while Tamara was serving the Stevensville United Methodist Church. Our son Caleb is now the pastor of Milwood  United Methodist Church in Kalamazoo. I came to Community from serving the First United Methodist Church in Albion, MI for eight years. Before that, we both served churches in Traverse City for seven years.