Returning to the Building October 11

At long last, we’re coming back to the building for worship on Sunday, October 11. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The number of people attending is limited to 75, because of the size of the room, in accordance with the recent executive order 2020-183 from our governor. That shouldn’t cause us any trouble right away, because many of you have decided to remain cautious and stay at home. In the event that we have more than 75, some of you will need to move into the Gathering Space.
  • We plan to have ushers to help you find your seat, so that we can be sure to space ourselves apart appropriately.
  • We are taking extra steps to ensure that the church is sanitized and ready to be a safe place.
  • Online worship will continue as it has, with both the full service and the Take Out version every week. Remember that you can find them on Facebook, YouTube, or on our website. In any of those platforms, search for
  • We will continue to make some adaptations to worship, as we have in the park:
    • We must wear masks–this is even more important indoors than outside
    • We won’t be singing
    • There will be no refreshments or bulletins
    • The offering will only be collected in a basket in the back of the worship space
  • We are looking at having a children’s time in the sanctuary, as we continue to observe safety, and the kids will then be invited upstairs to Junior Church. Stay tuned as details develop.
  • We are currently polling parents to see whether they are comfortable with opening up the nursery.

Even as we are excited to return to seeing one another in a place that is sacred to us (and heated!), we need to continue with caution and care. And we need to consider how the Lord wants us to use this moment of return as an opportunity for growing the Kingdom of God. It’s not about us, but about God and the mission of reaching new people with the love of Jesus. We were initially shaken by the pandemic and the need to leave worshiping together in the building. Yet we have discovered that the Word of God can thrive and grow in new ground. Now, how can the Word continue to thrive and grow as we move into a building again? It’s up to you to be God’s hands and feet, to invite, welcome, and include your friends, neighbors, and families to worship, and to listen to what they’re looking for.

See you in church!