Sunday schedule

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Show up as early as 9:00 for coffee and time with friends (Choir and band warm-ups start at 8:00). 9:30 Worship (singing, praying, message) lasts usually a little more than an hour. Babies and toddlers can go to the nursery. Please check them in with our excellent trained and caring staff. Bring kids into worship. About fifteen or twenty minutes in, there’s a children’s moment up front, and then those in about fourth grade and lower can follow their leader out to the children’s time, where they have crafts, learning, and a great time. That winds up about the same time as worship. 11:00 gather in the Home Base (get directions or go with someone who knows the way!) for prayer and learning in a smaller group. 6:00 p.m. Youth fifth grade through high school have supper downstairs in the fellowship hall. Then they go to their two groups, divided by age. That goes until 8 p.m.

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