The waiting continues

We won't know until May of 2020 what solutions will come for the division in our international United Methodist Church about ordaining and marrying gay people. Lots of folks are looking for a way to separate themselves from the new rules and the old attitude that were expressed in February 2019. The possibilities are finally emerging, and here's Jeremy's attempt to explain what they are. Good news, perhaps, is that almost everybody want to come up with a peaceful answer and a way to distance ourselves. The only question is how to work out the many details for a just solution.

All Are (Still) Welcome at Community

The recent international meeting of the United Methodist Church made decisions that double down against LGBTQ persons, making sure that they are not to be ordained or married in the denomination. Community has a long history as a United Methodist congregation, but we want you to know that our welcome and full inclusion of all people will never be compromised. We don't know yet how this will play out in our relation to the United Methodist Church. Things are still coming together, and there are lots of options to choose from. But this remains true: all of us were made the way we are as children of God, beloved and treasured. You belong in Community.

Blue Christmas Service

A Blue Christmas service recognizes that this season, full of joy for many, can be hard for those suffering loss, illness, depression, and other painful seasons. Together, we’ll acknowledge the hardship while seeking peace and comfort. You're invited on Sunday, December 22nd at 5:00pm.

Kid and Teen Programs

At Community, we value kids of all ages and offer programs that encourage kids to learn about God, make good choices at home, school, and with friends, and thrive in all areas of their life. We would love to have your kids grow with us! Kids 0-3 are welcome to our secure, skilled nursery during each worship service where they will be cared for with background-checked nursery attendants, Jessica Petroski and Jessica Strong. Kids 4 years - 5th grade are welcome to come to worship, then head out together to our fun, educational program during our 9:30 worship each Sunday. They'll learn about the Bible and its teachings and life skills like: empathy, responsibility, patience, and honesty. Teens 5th-7th grade get the opportunity to sort out some hard stuff and grow their faith each Sunday night from 6-8 with Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Jennifer. Teens 8th-12th grade are preparing to make big life decisions. Let our leaders, Doug Wood and Nick Bartman, guide them with in-depth group discussions, hanging out with friends, and service projects.

Welcome to Community UMC in North Muskegon!

Community United Methodist Church is just that...a COMMUNITY church. That means our faith and our lives are focused on relationships - with God and with each other!

Belong. Make a difference. Discover community.
With God, there is always a next step.